【NTW x MYWave】Jun 24, Effectively Communicating Ideas in the IT World

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Date:           24 Jun 2024 (Mon)
Time:          2:00 pm | 1 Hour
Platform:    ZOOM meeting

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Skill Area: Cloud & Architecture

Pillar: Future Skills

Course Content

Professional Overview: Trainer Lukas. J Tan, an IT expert since 2007 and a seasoned cloud practitioner with over a decade of experience in technology and entrepreneurship, actively integrates cloud solutions within his organization. Leveraging his expertise, he founded OPERION+, offering cloud-based solutions and training to guide organizations towards scalable growth while empowering them with practical cloud implementation strategies.

Course Summary

A lot of time, the communication gaps happen between a programmer and non-programmer. In today IT world, a lot of communication need to deal with the programmer no matter they are using a very simple software, or ERP solution. This is a session that will bring the idea to the table, or the candidate will bring up their idea. We will guide them how to build the concept, prototype, paperwork so that they can have an idea how to communicate with IT programmer.