【NTW x MYWave】Jun 26, Going above and beyond for your employees with Earned Wage Access

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Date:           26 Jun 2024 (Wed)
Time:          2:00 pm | 1 Hour
Platform:    ZOOM meeting

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Skill Area: Human Resources

Course Content

  1. What is Earned Wage Access?
    – Background Introduction
  2. How does Earned Wage Access work?
    – Concept Introduction
    – Customization Options
  3. Why should a company provide Earned Wage Access?
    – Economic Context
    – Benefits to Employee
    – Benefits to Employer

Course Summary

In today’s environment, there is a constant challenge to recruit and retain talent within an organization, with many aspects ranging from compensation and career growth to culture and benefits, that employees weigh up in their choice of employment. Taking into consideration the economic context, where cost of living has been constantly rising and not proportionally matched by increase in compensation, employees are faced with unprecedented financial stress which impacts not just their career choices but their productivity as well.

This session is an introduction to the concept of Earned Wage Access, a pioneering and increasingly popular staff benefit program for employers to utilize as a recruitment and retention tool, while playing a more proactive role in supporting their employee’s wellbeing beyond the workplace.

Target Audience: C-Suite Management, Department Heads and HR personnel assigned to manage HR matters particularly related to employee’s compensation, culture and benefits.

Course Objectives:
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
– Understand the concept of Earned Wage Access and how it works
– Understand the benefits of Earned Wage Access
– Understand the different way Earned Wage Access can be tailored for an organisations workforce

Speaker Profile: Ooi Joon Yik is the founder and CEO of Wakalu, a leading provider and pioneer of Earned Wage Access in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Wakalu works with an extensive portfolio of companies, ranging from multinational corporates to SMEs and was a winning recipient of the Invest Penang i4.0 Seed Grant program for its technological innovation in driving financial inclusion and supporting low-income workers improve their financial wellbeing.

Prior to Wakalu, Ooi held a number of roles specializing in Strategy and Commercial Growth across technology starups, namely Shopee, honest bee & N-Squared eCommerce. Ooi holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical & manufacturing engineering from Loughborough University, UK; and has also founded several companies spanning across marketing and technology fields.