【NTW x MYWave】Jun 27, Let’s boost your business through excellent communication skills

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Date:           27 Jun 2024 (Thu)
Time:          3:30 pm | 1 Hour
Platform:    ZOOM meeting

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Skill Area: Management & Strategic Management

Pillar: Management & Strategic Management Life Skills

Course Content

– Brief overview of the importance of communication in business.
– Objectives of the talk: Understanding how excellent communication skills can boost business performance.

Importance of Communication in Business
– Explanation of communication as a core business function.
– Examples of successful businesses known for effective communication.
– The cost of poor communication: Misunderstandings, errors, and lost opportunities.

Key Components of Effective Communication
– Clarity: Being clear and concise.
– Listening: Active listening techniques.
– Empathy: Understanding others’ perspectives.
– Feedback: Giving and receiving constructive feedback.
– Non-verbal Communication: Body language, eye contact, and tone of voice.

Communication Channels and Their Uses
– Non-verbal Communication: The role of body language and visual cues.

Practical Tips for Improving Communication Skills
– Developing active listening skills.
– Enhancing clarity and conciseness in verbal and written communication.
– Techniques for effective public speaking.
– Practicing empathy and emotional intelligence.
– Continuous learning and seeking feedback.

Course Summary

Excellent communication skills are essential for building strong relationships with customers, clients, and colleagues, leading to greater efficiency and productivity. They increase customer satisfaction by better understanding and responding to needs, improve problem-solving and decision-making through clear information sharing, and boost team collaboration and morale. Effective communication also creates a positive brand image, drives sales and marketing success, and helps leaders inspire and lead teams. In addition, it is crucial for managing change and retaining employees, which ultimately contributes to the growth and success of the company.

Excellent communication skills are therefore a decisive advantage in business life. They are the foundation for building effective relationships, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall business success. By fostering clear, honest, and empathetic communication, organizations can overcome challenges, inspire their teams, and achieve sustainable growth and success.

Target Audience: Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Managers and Team Leaders, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Customer Service Representatives, Human Resources Professionals, Project Managers, Corporate Trainers and Coaches, Public Relations and Media Professionals, Non-Profit and Community Leaders

Course Objectives:
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
– Understand the Importance of Communication in Business
– Identify Key Components of Effective Communication
– Master Different Communication Channels
– Learn strategies to improve team communication and collaboration.
– Understand the importance of leadership in setting communication standards.
– Explore tools and technologies that facilitate better internal communication.
– Evaluate and Improve Communication Skills Continuously.