【NTW x MYWave】Jun 27, Managing Employment Misconduct & Poor Performers

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Date:           27 Jun 2024 (Thu)
Time:          11:00 am | 1 Hour
Platform:    ZOOM meeting

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Skill Area: Human Resources

Course Content

  1. Misconduct & Discipline
    – Legislations Related to Termination for Misconduct
    – Major and Minor Misconduct
    – Disciplinary Actions
    – Punishments Allowed
  2. Employment Misconduct
    – Absenteeism/Lateness
    – Medical Leave Issues
    – Drug & Alcohol Abuse
    – Insubordination
    – Negligence of Duty
    – Sexual Harassment
  3. Managing Poor Performers
    – Identify poor performers
    – Warnings
    – Performance Improvement Plans

Course Summary

The importance of good employer/employee relations at the workplace cannot be over emphasized. Head of Departments & Executives as well as Supervisors are the ones who spend the most time working with the workers, who form the bulk of the workforce. Sometimes they may find themselves in a situation when they are required to discipline their subordinates due to misconducts or poor performance. Unless they understand what employment misconduct is and the role, they play in managing misconducts of their subordinates at the workplace, their actions would likely have detrimental effects on the company and the management or may even result in very expensive legal actions by employees.