【NTW x MYWave】Jun 28, The Myth in HR Digitization: How it really helps your organization?

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Date:           28 Jun 2024 (Fri)
Time:          2:00 pm | 1 Hour
Platform:    ZOOM meeting

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Skill Area: Human Resources

Course Content

There have been overwhelmed offering in the market with regards to HR digitization solution. Each solution has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, there has been many incidents where buyer realized digitization cannot really solve their problem after purchased and implemented, mainly due to the following reasons:
1. The system evaluator is not the super user in the operations
2. The one who approve budget is not the super user in operations
3. Buyer (regardless user or not) tends to confuse wish list and must have list and many incidents shown decision made based on wish list.
4. Many solutions purchases was not fully optimized, due to lack of knowledge about the system, inability to balance the needs between having flexibility and standardizing processes for better efficiency or inability to execute appropriately as the signed up package is limited due to budget constraint
5. Can Payroll Outsourcing a possible option on top of having new HR solution or it is redundant?

This quick session will share with you 2 case studies on how the solutions can really help in your automation journey. And some tips to help you proactively eliminate the potential challenges.

Course Summary

Target Audience: C-Suite Management, Department Heads and HR personnel

Course Objectives:
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
– Build own requirement list before evaluating any solution
– The insight of some system features that you can optimize and learn from best practices
– Why payroll outsource can also be an option to invest for efficiency

Trainer Profile: Khoo Siew Ling is one of the co-founder and CEO of MYWave, a pioneer in Integrated Cloud HR & Payroll Solution in Malaysia and currently with presence in Singapore and Vietnam. The company has more than 19 years of practical experiences in offering system solution and payroll outsourcing services, to more than 600 companies locally and internationally, particularly in business environment that requires to have strong monitoring system in managing variable allowances that applies to shift works, proactive OT cost management, proactive work schedule that compliance to RBA & employment act, multi-location business operation, consolidation requirement and flexible reporting with AI analysis.

Besides, MYWave, Siew Ling is also co-owning another company, since 1996, that offer employment solution, such as Executive Search, Employment Hosting and Business Process Outsourcing in recruitment for Engineering, IT, Finance, HR and Supply Chain Management. Siew Ling has strong reputation in the market as a Solution Provider that helps in identifying your gaps, value add to your current operation and optimize your efficiency by introducing the right approach, system application and service package.