CLEEN Ginger Tea (Original)

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CLEEN Ginger Queen Bentong Ginger Tea – Original (20g x 15 Sachets)

Ginger Queen Bentong Ginger Tea with Licorice, The best warmth feeling comes from a well-cared sensation.

Consuming ginger tea is the perfect accompaniment every day to warm your body up from within. With a taste of moderate gingery bite yet mildly sweet, the ginger tea infused with local Bentong Ginger and Licorice to add in more flavorful and richer aroma but it isn;t just for flavour’s sake.

According to Chinese Medicine Nutritionist, ginger has acrid and warm properties which are beneficial for health, most notably for invigorating the blood circulation, dispelling cold and helps to quell nausea as well as relieving body discomfort.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

20g X 15 Sachets

Ingredients: Ginger Powder, Brown Sugar, Licorice (20g x 15 Sachets)


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