CLEEN Scentwalker

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CLEEN Scentwalker

Introducing the Cleén Scentwalker Waterless Aroma Diffuser, a cutting-edge travel companion designed to seamlessly elevate your well-being. With its sleek sleeve design, this diffuser effortlessly complements your car interior with a touch of minimalist style. Ideal for on-the-go use in your car or hotel, it brings relaxation and stress relief wherever life takes you. Enhance your driving experience as the diffuser elevates mood, mitigates stress, and fosters focus behind the wheel, embodying Cleén’s dedication to purity and convenience.

Efficient Waterless Nebulizer: Cold diffusion technology eliminates the need to refill essential oil every time you use it.
Nano-scale Atomization: Atomizes oil into 1-3 Nano scale particles for efficient absorption.
Concentrated Essential Oil Therapy: No water or heat needed, preserving oil integrity without the mess or leaks.
Automatic Shut Down: Ensures safety with auto shut down after 4 hours, preventing oil waste.
Customizable Timer Mode: Choose from 30min, 60min, and 90min timer settings for personalized aromatherapy sessions.
Adjustable Diffusing Modes: Enjoy Low, Medium, and High diffusing modes to control the strength of the aroma.
Wireless Portability: Rechargeable 2000mAH battery for hassle-free, cable-free use in the car.
Sleek Minimalist Design: The diffuser’s sleeve design adds a touch of minimalism to your car interior.
Portable and Travel-Friendly: Compact and easy to carry, perfect for in-car use, travel, or hotel stays.
Mood Enhancement: Elevate your driving mood, promote stress relief, and enhance focus on the road.
Commitment to Purity: Aligns with Cleén’s dedication to using natural ingredients for a holistic well-being experience.

How to Use
Charging: Before your initial use, ensure the Scentwalker is fully charged. Connect the provided USB cable to the charging port of the diffuser.
Essential Oil Loading: Remove the nozzle by pushing the bottle up from the diffuser. Switch to the desired essential oil or fill into the empty bottle provided.
Nozzle Installation: Align the mark on the diffuser when installing the nozzle. Ensure a secure fit to prevent leaks.
Power On and Intermittent Diffusing: Hold the power button to turn on the diffuser. Short press for the first time to activate intermittent diffusing.
Timer Mode Activation: Press the TIMER button to enter the timer mode. Second press to cycle through timer options (30/60/90 mins).
Power Off: To turn off the diffuser, long-press the power button or timer button for 1 second.

Product Specifications
Colour : Matte White
Size:  69mm x 120mm
Weight: 330g
Charging voltage/current: DC 5V 1A
Battery capacity: 2000mAh 2-3 Hours to full charged
Essential oil capacity: 5ml / 10ml / 15ml
Essential Oil working time:  about 30Hrs(L) / 20Hrs(M) / 15Hrs(H)
(10s on,60s off— 30H, 20s on,60s off —20H, 30s on,60s off —15H)
Warranty: 6 Months

Product and Accessories:
1.Scentwalker Waterless Aroma Diffuser
2.Mist nozzle
3.Empty bottle
4.Type-C USB cable
5.Atomization core part
6.2x anti leakage ring
7.Essential oil pipette (5ml, 10ml, 15ml)
8.Replacement tool
9.User manual