【CNY Gift Box】EYS Essence Of SeaCucumber (5*70ml)


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【新年礼盒】EYS 海参养生精 (5*70ml)

Eu Yan Sang Essence of Sea Cucumber is produced from selected premium sea cucumber. Sea Cucumber is traditionally used to reduce fatigue, promote vitality and strengthen body after illness or surgery. Eu Yan Sang Essence of Sea Cucumber contains the wholesome of nutrients that can be easily absorbed by the body which is an ideal supplement for maintaining health.


Ingredients: Sea Cucumber Essence (92%), Prepared Rehmannia Root.


Serving Suggestion: One (1) bottle daily for adult, half-a-bottle for children.

Precaution: This product does not contain preservatives and artificial colouring. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 12 hours. Shake well before use. Due to the natural property of ingredients, the taste and colour may vary from batch to batch.


Storage Condition: Keep in a cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.


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