EYS Brown Sugar Ginger Cube with Longan (12 x ±35gm)

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EYS 桂圆黑糖姜块 (12 x ±35克)

Made naturally from Taiwan locally produced brown sugar and aged ginger without chemical additive. Longan and jujube are added to create delightful taste and enhance its’s blood nourishing and body warming effects.

Suitable For:

  • Ladies: Brown sugar contains calcium, magnesium and iron which help to reduce menstrual pain and nourish blood
  • Those suffered from cold hands and feet: Ginger helps to improve blood circulation and warm the body.
  • Those suffering from bloating: Ginger helps in digestion and reduces bloating problem

Ingredients: Brown sugar, cane sugar, sugar cane juice, ginger juice, aged ginger, longan, jujube and aged ginger extract.

How to use: Add one Ginger Cube with Longan & Jujube into 200ml of hot water, stir well and drink. You may mix according to your preference.

Ginger, longan and jujube residues will settle at the bottom of the cup and are safe for consumption. Due to natural property of the ingredients, the taste, colour and texture may vary from batch to batch. Do not consume if the seal is broken.

Please store in a cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. It is recommended to finish it as soon as possible once opened.


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