EYS Niah Bird’s Nest 6*70ml

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余仁生尼亚燕 6*70ml

Harvested from Niah Great Cave, an archaeological heritage cave in the rainforests in Sarawak. The bird’s nest naturally packed with minerals, sialic acid, glycoprotein and nutrients to give your body the best nourishment that will awaken your inner beauty.

Ingredients: Rock Sugar Solution, Bird’s Nest.

Remark: These bird’s nests are manually cleaned. Presence of slight impurity is normal.

How To Use: Keep in a cool and dry place. Once the bottle is opened, keep refrigerated and consume it within 12 hours.


  • This is a natural product. No preservative, artificial colouring or food stabiliser is added. Hence, the appearance might change over time and yet safe for consumption.
  • Individual allergic to fluid-loke protein, eg: milk and egg should avoid this product.

天然滋补 * 焕然美肌

采集自东马砂拉雨林保护区的古老洞穴 – 尼亚洞, 燕窝含有丰富的矿物质,唾液酸,糖蛋白等营养元素,滋补身体,唤醒肌肤美丽本能。

如何使用: 请存放于阴凉干燥处。避免日光直照。开瓶后需冷藏,并于12小时内饮毕。

注意:此天然产品无添防腐剂,人造色素和食物稳定剂。经过一段时间后,产品外观可能会有所变化,但仍可安全饮用。 凡对液状蛋白质食物,例如奶和蛋类,易过敏问题者,应忌食此产品。


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