Nestle ice-cream – CLASSIC FUSION

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Nestle ice-cream - Freezer Placement

Nestle Ice-Cream – Classic Fusion Package

Elevate your taste with Classic Fusion – where timeless flavors meet modern delight!


Classic Fusion package includes:

  1. OREO stick x2
  2. KIT KAT Stick x2
  3. KIT KAT Gold Ice Cream x2
  4. KIT KAT Pink Ice Cream x2
  5. KIT KAT U Zu Ice Cream x2
  6. LA CREMERIA Choc Brownie x4
  7. LA CREMERIA Hazelnut x4
  8. NESCAFE Gold Ice Cream Stick x3
  9. DRUMSTICK Chocolate Classic x4
  10. DRUMSTICK Vanilla Classic x4


Things to know:

  1. There is no transportation charges if the delivery is within Penang island, Malaysia. However, additional charges will apply for delivery to Penang mainland, Malaysia. (Admin will contact you to discuss this charges.)
  2. The placement of the freezer for 3 to 4 days is complimentary if your total purchase of Nestle ice-cream amounts is RM556 or above. (Can mix with other Nestle ice-cream package such as Joy Jamboree package, Childhood Memories package, Classic Fusion package, Summer Fusion package, and Biz Bash package.)
  3. The placement of Nestle ice-cream freezer, please refer to .


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